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Probiotic Pro-Pet

Probiotic Pro-Pet

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Pro-Pet is a liquid, fermented probiotic supplement containing all of the beneficial bacteria that your animal needs for a balanced and healthy body. Providing proper care that makes your animal stronger is recognized as part of your responsibility as their owner.  Including naturally fermented bacteria as a part of your pet’s diet will increase the ability of the pet’s body to properly use the nutrition from food and build immunity and will increase the energy and happiness of your animal.

The body of any living organism, human or animal, contains tens of trillions of bacteria that have a vital role in ever aspect of life. With this in mind, one should understand how closely the health of the animal is tied to the bacteria in the animal’s body, these bacteria being responsible for:

  • 80% of immune function
  • Breakdown of food and processing of nutrition
  • Creation of natural antibiotics and vitamins
  • Fighting of infections and disease

Ingredients: Purified Water, Kelp, Organic Sea Salt, Sugar Cane Molasses, Blend of Efficient Microbes Cultures